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About us

Ti KEM Ltd. was established in 1994. The main activity is trade and distribution of chemical raw materials for a variety of industries, from paint and coatings industry to construction, detergents, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, leather, rubber, auto industry and many other.

Company name Ti KEM was created as an abbreviation from Titan Chemicals,because the titanium dioxide (TiO2) was, from the beginning, raw material on which the business of Ti KEM was based. Initially, an operating income from the sale of titanium dioxide has accounted for more than 50% of revenue, and today after 20 years of business and diversification of business accounts for about 15% of revenue. The first principal whom Ti KEM represented on a Croatian market was the  Agrofert Group from Czech Republic. Because of Companies good reputation over the years a list of principals spread. Today, Company Ti KEM is an exclusive representative of the following companies for the Croatian market and markets of the region: PRECHEZA, ADD-APT, ADEKA, ARCH-LONZA, BEROLAN, GRAF, JELU-WERK, LAPROCHIMIDE, LAVIOSA, MATERIAL VEGYPARI, NEWCHEM, SCCHEMITRADE, SYNTHESIA, TPV, XYNTRA, SOVITEC, JANSSEN PMP

Overall, our storage facilities hold about 300 sorts of chemical raw materials from various manufacturers.

In 2005 the Management of Ti KEM brought a decision on more aggressive business expansion to neighboring countries. Consequently, Ti KEM Hungary with a storage facility in Budapest was opened to supply part of the EU member countries in Eastern Europe. From this storage facility companies in Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine and Romania are supplied. Also, distribution centers are organized in cooperation with local companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Serbia. Croatian and Slovenian market as well as storage facilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia are supplied through storage facility in Zagreb.

With Croatia joining the European Union, the doors opened for Ti KEMs more easier, faster and efficient inventory management and efficient delivery of products to customers.

The export of Ti KEM increased by 300% in 2013 and the company does not think of stopping there.

Company Ti KEM is from the start privately owned by family Kustec, today's ownership structure is Boris Kustec 66.66% and Filip Kustec 33.33%.

  • Filip Kustec
  • Marin Cetina
  • Miro Smerdelj
  • Ranka Ulemek