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ADR storage facility

Rent of the ADR storage facility

We offer the rent of ADR storage facility within the former TOP Kerestinec at Poduzetnička 4 (Kerestinec). Only 6 km from Zagreb, we offer you the most modern ADR storage facility, fireproof hall, available for rent from 50 to 500 square meters and the possibility of goods handling.

  • floor storage (and soon shelf storage)
  • ADR permit for the storage of hazardous and flammable substances
  • fireproof in the form of automatic extinguishing (sprinkler installations, CO2 extinguisher)
  • available for rent 50-500 square meters
  • only 6 km from Zagreb
  • at this time a dozen of satisfied lessees among which we point out VERTEM, FAGUS, VAL-INT, LACHNER